Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate

Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate


Savor the righteousness of our bean-to-bars in the semblance of our Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate. Our distinctive style of pure chocolate with all-natural ingredients serves you a cup to savor. An unforgettable luxury.


Our drinking chocolate is prepared by  from ground single-origin craft chocolate, instead of cacao powder or any other added emulsifiers. The Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate comes in different flavors of 72% Dark, 65% Dark, and 58% Dark. They all are best paired with water, oat, coconut, soy, nut, goats, or cow milk.


Mild, smooth, and creamy, a cup full of flavors to enjoy with milk of choice & marshmallows, it is a cup for you to savor richness.



25gms of Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate

125gms of Milk / Water / any other liquid base


Recipe Yield- 1 Serving (150ml)

Category – Beverage


Step 1- Pour liquid base and drinking chocolate in a metal pitcher or small bowl over the boiler for 2/3mins until temperature 85C is reached.

Step2 - Whisk together to properly blend the two.

Step3- Check for unincorporated chocolate and whisk again to ensure no chunks are left behind.

Step4- Pour whisked chocolate through a small strainer into a cup. Stir the mixture to aid liquid chocolate in passing through the strainer to ensure a thick, smooth and creamy drink.