Honey I'm Nuts

Honey I'm Nuts


Coffee bound to drive you nuts and keep you buzzing for more! These coffees have been carefully grown and nurtured at Stanmore Estate on the Shevaroy Hills in Tamil Nadu which has a long and faithful global following for over 100 years.


This specially honey processed coffee has been carefully processed over 36 hours and slow dried over 21 days to further enrich its silky and bold body, smooth acidity with flavours like Green Grapes, Sun-Dried Prune vanilla, and caramalized brown sugar.


It’s uniqueness is bound to make it a daily "caffeine quencher" to keep you buzzing and drive you nuts with every sip.



Origin : Stanmore Estate

Altitude : 1450 MASL

Varietal - SLN-9

Process- Black Honey- 36 Hours



Tasting Notes: Green Grape, Sun Dried Prune, Vanilla, Caramelized Brown Sugar

Acidity: Citric

Body: Juicy

Aftertaste: Long


Roast Rite Color ( Whole Bean) : 65

Roast Rite Color ( Ground): 74

Roast Level- Medium-Light

Grams in - 20 g

Grams out- 250 ml.

Temperatue- 92 Degrees Celcius

Brew Time- 2.50- 3  minutes.

  1. Pour  50 ml water slowly and wet the coffee in about 10 seconds.
  2. Bloom for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour 100 ml water slowly and evenly and wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Pour another 100 ml.
  5. Swirl or shake for few seconds.
  6. Wait for the brew to finish, if time does not match adjust the grind size.