Another of our Limited Edition and it is our first from India's best and most famed estate "RATNAGIRI ESTATE". Better known as the "PROFESSOR" of the Indian coffee industry, Mr. Ashok Patre is the mastermind responsible for putting Indian coffees on the world map because of his exceptional knowledge in the field of coffee.



This coffee is a Black Honey Process which is considered to be the the most complex, arduous and difficult process. This is mainly due to the long fermentation time (up to twice as long compared to yellow and red honey processing) and it takes up a lot of space on the drying beds. The coffee was dried on raised beds for up to 15 days, and during this time, green beans were monitored by the "The Professor" who used his expertise and knowledge to plan and carefully  monitor the fermentation.


This one's is a coffee heist masterminded by Mr.Ashok Patre and executed perfectly by us. 



Origin : Ratnagiri Estate

Altitude : 1350 MASL

Varietal - Cataui

Process- Black Honey



Tasting Notes: Peach, Plum, Cherry , Cane Sugar

Acidity: Malic

Body: Medium

Aftertaste:  Long


Roast Rite Color ( Whole Bean) : 63

Roast Rite Color ( Ground): 74

Roast Level- Medium Light

Grind Size
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