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Number 4

Number 4

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An ode to "Savorworks turning 4" and as always we celebrate with the farm dearest to us - "Riverdale Estate".

The ripened cherries are hand sorted and triple washed to remove all the floaters from the cherries. They are then  processed in purpose built tanks where CO2 is introduced to flush out the oxygen from the tanks to ferment the cherries for a longer period of time. Second stage of fermentation is to introduce yeast along with various fruits such as Pineapple, Peach, Red Fruit, Watermelon and grapes for the 14 days  where the fermentation happens slowly. Yeast thrives in the low oxygen environment and helps develop complex fruit notes. Once the fermentation is complete, cherries are slow dried on rasied beds to remove excess water and improve air circulation for even drying.

This process is complex and delicate. It took 4 years of research with the wine industry for the Heisenberg of the Indian Coffee Industry to get the right level of flavour. 



Origin : Riverdale Estate

Altitude : 1450 - 1500 MASL

Varietal - SLN 9




Tasting Notes: Orange Wafers, Prune, Mulberry Wine and Sapota

Acidity: Malic and Super Juicy 

Body: Medium

Aftertaste:  Very Long


Size- 250 gms


Roast Rite Color ( Whole Bean) : 77

Roast Rite Color ( Ground): 97

Roast Level- Medium Light

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