Seven things you must know before you brew

Seven things you must know before you brew

1) Use Speciality Quality Coffee Beans : Savorworks buys and roasts only highest quality of beans from the farmers who are skilled to grow finest only.

2) Using Freshly Roasted Coffee : Brewing coffee with the beans that have been roasted fresh imparts maximum flavor characteristics. Coffee that is past its freshness loses its origin's characteristics and becomes stale or bland. Also, store coffee in airtight containers away from light which is why we at Savorworks worked hard on our packaging to ensure coffee stays fresh for longer.

3) Use a good grinder : Having a proper grind size is extremely critical for even-extraction of the brew. As a general rule, a good grinder should not have large variation between fines ( smallest particle size) and boulders ( largest particle size). The lesser the variation in sizes, higher the chances for the extraction and TDS of the coffee to be optimal for good brew. Which is why we at Savorworks suggest at investing in a burr grinder which delivers consistent grind as opposed to rotating blade grinders which more often than not churn out inconsistent grinds.

4) Grind Coffee Just Before Brewing : Ground coffee tends to go stale at a rapid pace as it is exposed to air which results in coffee losing its volatile compounds at rapidly, and thus its freshness.

5) Dose : We at Savorworks suggest having a dose anywhere between 50-80 grams to 1 litre of water to get best results during manual brews. Although, one can always play around the dosage according to your taste..

6) Clean Equipment : It is highly recommended to clean the equipment from old coffee grounds and stale coffee oils.

7) Water : Coffee is nearly 98% water, and thereby, using pure water to get the best results as water devoid of minerals might result in a brew with tainted flavours. For best results, try to add minerals to your water yourself as different places have different TDS in water. And thus, to get consistent results everywhere, mineralise your own water depending upon one's taste but preferably between 75ppm-125ppm.

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