Our Craft Chocolates & Coffees for your Corporate Brand

Savorworks roasters makes chocolates that mirrors your brand identity and presents them in bespoke manner. Savorworks specializes in creating 3-d printed prototypes that are then thermoformed into mould that have
company's image or logo printed on them. Customizing flavours is an added option.

Bespoke Packaging
We love making bespoke boxes for our customers, that can have personalized message or suitable for some special occasion. Custom printed boxes to adding candles to your box – we got you covered.

Personalised Gifting

Make Each Moment Decadent
Throughout the wedding celebrations, Birthday celebrations, baby showers, and include savorworks as part of your celebrations. Have our select chocolate products around the house for family and friends to enjoy. You can also have savorworks as part of your events by having our baked goods including crossiants and desserts as part of your offerings during the festivities and occasions.

Bespoke Sleeves

Personalized sleeves can be slipped over our boxes and thus opening an option for just about everybody.

Bespoke messages

We can add bespoke labels or tags with a personal message on our offerings – including boxes, gift bags of all sizes.

Gift Boxes

Chocolate Bars

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