The Story Behind Savorworks' Unique Coffee Packaging

The Story Behind Savorworks' Unique Coffee Packaging

Today, we'd like to take you back to the early days of Savorworks and share the story behind our decision to present our coffee packs in these eye-catching tubes, designed thoughtfully by our co-founder, Paweena. Why a tube, you ask? Well, we believe that packaging should be an experience in itself. 

When we were starting out, we wanted to break away from the traditional coffee packaging options and bring something completely fresh to the coffee market in India. We noticed that no one was selling coffee in tubes, and we saw this as an opportunity to stand out while telling our story, and so the design process began.

The vibrant blue tube cover represents our commitment to transparency, while the artwork showcases the Indian coffee farms and the practices they follow to ensure sustainable farming. But the excitement doesn't end there! Lift up the tube, and you'll be greeted with a contrasting color and more artwork inside, representing the dedicated farmers who put their hearts and souls into harvesting and processing the high-quality Arabica coffee beans. 

Each tube is carefully crafted to ensure the perfect size and fitting. It wasn’t an easy journey, as finding the right vendor and customizing the tubes from scratch was a struggle. We went through numerous iterations, adjusting the size and printing until we achieved the impeccable packaging you see today.

Join us in celebrating the farmers behind your daily cup of joy, and let's make your coffee moments even more special!

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