NDTV Food - Savorwork Roasters Is The Newest Cafe In Chhatarpur That Coffee Lovers Must Check Out

NDTV Food - Savorwork Roasters Is The Newest Cafe In Chhatarpur That Coffee Lovers Must Check Out

Situated in Chhattarpur and cafe is quite the hidden gem!

Priyaja Bakshi

Delhi is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants! The culinary scene of the capital is quite vibrant, with people bringing new and exciting experiences to the table every other week. With today's fine taste palate, people want to experience only the most authentic, especially when it comes to coffee. Over the years, coffee has garnered a lot of appreciation within India. If you are someone who considers yourself a coffee aficionado, then you would know the difference between freshly brewed coffee and normal coffee we make at home. As a coffee lover, I wanted to find a place that would give the most authentic coffee experience in Delhi and that was when I stumbled upon Savorworks Roaster in Chhattarpur.

This quaint little cafe is situated right at the heart of Chhattarpur and is quite the hidden gem! The establishment takes pride in its coffees and chocolates, as this roastery focuses on bringing the most authentic taste experiences to the table. With a live chocolate factory within the coffee house, they make chocolates right from scratch, offering bean-to-bar chocolates and desserts. They also organise chocolate-making workshops that are open to everybody! One can learn how chocolate is made right here.


My foodie experience at Savorworks Roasters began by trying out their speciality coffees. I tried the Iced Latte, a classic summer beverage for coffee lovers, and from their signature drinks, the Aloha, a refreshing beverage infused with coffee and fresh fruits. Both the drinks were quite delicious, flavourful and ideal for summer.


Iced Latte



For the food, I tried the Feta Avocado Sourdough Toast, the Chicken Quiche and the Spaghetti Bolognese. The sourdough bread of the toast was baked in-house and tasted extremely fresh, giving the avocado toast the perfect balance of flavour and texture. The chicken quiche melted right in my mouth and the spaghetti bolognese hit the right spot.

Avocado Sourdough Toast

Chicken Quiche


Spaghetti Bolognese

Last, but not least, the dessert! We all know that dessert can be a defining factor for sweet tooths, and as a fellow sweet lover, I was highly impressed by their Chocolate Sea Salt Tart. The gooey chocolate was balanced out by the sea salt, making it quite a delight for chocolate lovers.


Chocolate Sea Salt Tart

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Savorworks Roastery because they take extra care in bringing the best to the table. But that's not all, this cafe is also pet-friendly, making it a wonderful place to bring your pets along. If you are a coffee-lover, chocolate-lover or pet-lover, then you should definitely check out Savorworks Roastery in Chhatarpur, New Delhi.

Where: Savorworks Roastery, Chhatarpur, Delhi

When: 10 am - 10 pm

Price: INR 1000 + taxes (for two people) approx.

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