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Blue Sky - Mixed Naturals

Blue Sky - Mixed Naturals

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BLUE SKY- Substance Produced by Heisenberg

Our Love for Riverdale Estate is no more an unknown quantity and we are back to what we do best. And that is to make great coffees.

What happens when a worker at the hulling station accidentally ends up mixing all the Fruit Fermented Naturals coffee (Watermelon, Papaya, Pineapple, and Grape) from the Riverdale Estate together. We get a substance that is as addictive as the original Heisenberg. A fruit forward natural coffee having a floral aroma of Chamomile and mixed berries, and tasting notes of Red Grape and Blueberry, this coffee is a fruit party. It has a rich and creamy body of Butterscotch which makes it an absolute treat across all brewing methods with its versatility.


Origin: Riverdale Estate
Altitude: 1450 MASL 
Varietal : SLN-9 & SLN-795  
Process: Mixed Fruit Fermented Naturals


Tasting Notes: Chamomile, Red Grape, Blueberry and Butterscotch
Acidity: Malic
Body: Medium- Heavy
Aftertaste:  Very Long

Roast Rite Color ( Whole Bean) : 62
Roast Rite Color ( Ground): 74
Roast Level- Medium

Size - 250 GMS

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